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hear what the kille you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news"? death penalty delayed. a man who killed a teenaged girl will live another day. tonight you'll hear what the killer did to his victim's mother after killing her daughter. >> i don't remember, like, about 30 minutes after consuming, i don't remember anything after that totally black. >> a drink with a powerful punch, all the rage in the bay area. now the effects have caught the attention of law enforcement. >> and tonight we have the video. armed men walk into a bay area airport like they own the place and nobody in authority bothers to ask what they were doing. >> they were afford annual and then now since the last five years they just went up. >> and nicked by the rising price of razor. how to beat the system. one man has a secret to saving on shaving. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. albert green wood brown will
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not be put to death tomorrow, originally scheduled for 12:01 wednesday morning. until thursday at the earliest. he killed and raped a 13-year- old girl, then as they tell us he actually called the victim's mother. >> reporter: that's right. in fact the governor's office is denying tonight that that 45- hour delay has anything to do with the consideration of clemency. instead, the governor's office is telling cbs5 that albert brown's full cash of appeals won't expire until thursday so the execution date has been moved to reflect that. regardless, the family of brown's victim is speaking out tonight saying they have waited three decades so they'll wait another 45 hours to see this convicted killer take his last breath. >> he made the decision to rape and murder my sister so he has to live with the consequences. >> reporter: by phone james jordan recalled how he was just 7 years old when his older sister, susan louise jordan,
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vanished two days before halloween 1980. nearly 30 years have passed but there is no erasing the painful details. >> i remember getting in the truck with my father and, umm, driving up and down the -- driving up and down the streets, you know, calling out, calling her name. >> reporter: susan jordan was walk to go high school in riverside when albert green wood brown dragged her into an orange grove, raped and then killed the 15-year-old. brown then looked the family up in the phone book and started a campaign of tractor. >> albert was speaking to my mother on the phone, she was pleading with him on the phone. >> reporter: now it's brown's attorneys that are plead to go the ninth circuit court of appeals to stay the execution, arguing despite the redesigned death chamber brown would suffer extreme pain if executed under the state's newly that will injection protocol.
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he has also filed an application for clemency with the governor. alongside this application is this letter from the victim's mother now 70 saying albert brown, you will stand before god to give an account for this barbaric act. you have been a playing on society and all that is decent. your day of accountability is now upon you. procedurally albert brown has already lost one appeal, a marin county judge ruled earlier today he could not prove he would suffer cruel and unusual punishment if the lethal injection is applied. he has two other options, one in the california supreme court. meanwhile, while all that legal wrangling goes on san quentin is still preparing the death chamber for an execution thursday night. . it's cheap, strong, and some people don't remember anything after drinking it. it's so powerful dozens of
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attorneys general including jerry brown are investigating the dermarr johnson popular with teens looking for a quick buzz. the stunning amount of booze, caffeine and sugar in every can. joe? >> dana, this is what it looks like. look at this big can. this is 4 loco, 12% alcohol. inside one of these, check it out. with the help of dan and laura we will show you what is in it. the equivalent of 5 glasses of beer, the chemicals from a red bull, and an entire cup of coffee. >> everybody my age drinks it. >> i black out, i don't remember anything. >> reporter: martin zin day has said he blacked out after drinking just one? i only had one and you drink it quick enough that's all it takes. i don't remember about 30 minutes after consuming it, i don't remember anything after that. totally black. >> they are talking about for
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loco, 12% kva nateed alcohol packaged in a colorful 24-ounce can that looks like fruit juice. >> like you're awake and drunk at the same time. >> reporter: a man and his three sons were killed by a d.u.i. driver who admitted to police he had been drinking four loco. and teenagers have been reporting getting violently ill from the drink. >> it happens with alcohol just in general. >> reporter: after they announced a investigation they decided to pull their alcohol and energy drinks off the marketplace, but 4 low companies company, fusion products out of chicago , is continuing their hip marketing campaign. nobody from fusion responded. >> we need to regulate them a little more if not ban them. >> reporter: assemblyman jim bell of san jose says he tried to pass a state law out log the drinks earlier this year. that bill died in committee.
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>> that means that we're going to have more accidents, more crashes, more injuries, and more deaths, and that is being born out as these drinks are used more and more in our college community. >> the colorful campaign, the lovely web site, i mean the colorful cans, that is, and this is what leads the attorney general to say that it appears these products are being marketed towards youth and underaged drinkers and illegal audience, that's why they are being investigated in california and several other states. >> joe vasquez, thank you. just how wonderful is palm wonderful? the feds accuse palm of violenting laws about truth in advertising for claiming that the juices and supplements help treat or prevent heart disease, prostate cancer and erectile funking. pom says it has spent more than $34 million on scientific research of its product. to get on an airplane you have to take off your shoes,
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you can't even take a bottle of water through security. how is it two men with assault rifles strapped over their chest can walk into one of the busiest terminals in the san francisco area and hang out for a while. kiet do has the video. they volunteered casually into the baggage claim area. it all seemed perfectly normal except they were heavily armed with assault rifles and tolls. >> this is not normal. >> reporter: they came to pick up a colleague. it turns out their own security policy says they can't leave weapons in their vehicles so both men came in with their guns. they were polite and courteous, even asking questions at the info booth, but they did not call ahead to the airport or san jose police. >> more 6th it is good police work that in you are a law enforcement officer and in someone else's territory you want to check in so you can
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work together, minimize the chances for misunderstandings. >> reporter: look closely and you can see small light colored shoulder patches, with combat boots and military uniforms they look official. which helps explain why no one reported the highly unusual visit for more than 24 hours. but there was also no policy on what to do when this happens. san jose police called it an embarrassing break down in communication and have begun an internal review. so if you think about it. these guys had a couple of options, one of them cost waited in the car with the gun, sent the other buy in, or both of them could have waited in the vehicles, called their friends on the cell phone and had him meet them out at the curb. they were not showing off and not acting like cowboys, nonetheless, the lab has issued a written statement saying this was a protocol oversight. live in san jose, kiet do, cbs5. checking bay area headlines, an l.a. times investigation in the wake of the san brown oh explosion found pg&e has pipeline leaks
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six times higher than other large utilities, pg&e says it's because the company's testing standards are more rigorous. tomorrow legislation requiring automatic or remote shut off valves on some transmission lines will be introduced in washington. cal train has installed signs along the tracks to stop people from jumping in front of trains. the signs say "there is help" and offer the number to a suicide crisis hot line. they are up on a 10-mile stretch between men low park and mountainview. two san francisco supervisors are not happy with happy meals. today a proposal to ban kids meals that offer toys got first hearing. it would limit the amount of fat, sugar and calories in those meals and reinquire them to offer fruits and vegetables t fast food franchise essay those options are already available. summer didn't skip the bay area, it just showed up a little late.
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the heat wave that has gripped california led to record temperatures in some areas. a lot of places saw triple digits. one family trying to stay cool got into trouble. the couple and their two daughters were on some rocks offshore when the tide came in this afternoon and they were trapped until rescuers showed up. everyone is okay. hot weather means dirty air. roberta. >> yes the fourth consecutive day. 96 oakland, all records, but the hottest temperatures will still come on tuesday. a pot operation busted by chance. it is not so much the hundreds of pounds they found but who they arrested. now that's the reel story. and it's lurking that in the water at a bay area beach. how a refresh swim could turn into a nasty rash thanks to a burrowing worm.
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plus ... >> sometimes it's not the razor that stings but the price of the blade. >> it's not actually the act of shaving that department of justice the razor blade. >> coming up in minutes.
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are chasing you...don't lead them to your stash. a little note to pot borrowers out there. when the cops are chasing you don't lead 'em to your stash. bad idea. a big operation in you kai a. busted when officers chased three men right up to a large warehouse. it was filled with 7800 pounds of dope. 19 people were arrested. some as old as 67. police are checking their immigration status trying to determine who was behind the operation. there are growing signs that mexican drug cartels are taking a bigger slice of the california marijuana industry. we have been lectured to properly dispose of our hazardous waste. so is target. they have ordered the chain to stop tossing electronics, and chemicals in the regular trash. they are also accused of extending more than 5,000 pounds of the product to a food
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bank. the whole thing is for the state headed to trial. >> creators of blackberry have had their new products. the play book is lighter and smaller than the ipad and unlike the ipad it did play flash video and multitask. the play book is due out next year. the drug stores lock 'em up like fort knox but it's little wonder considering the high cost of razorblades. julie watts on the consumer watch with one bay area man who has found the secret to saving son shaving. >> the two-blade razor i felt was a little harsh so the three- blade for me was sort of the perfect happy medium. >> reporter: every tame jeff hagen finds the perfect razor the manufacturer pulls a fast one by introducing a new more pricey model. so when hagen feared his favorite razor was about to be updated he invested $320 in this three-year supply. >> i went to costco and bought
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a huge inventory. >> reporter: scoring 1670 bye let mach3 blades. >> i didn't want to be forced into an upgrade that came with a considerable cost increase. my view was i was going to beat the system. >> reporter: he is beating the system at just the right time. gillette and sick, both launched a new line of ramirez oars that they claim give a better shave. hagen isn't the only one feeling nicked over the fast changes in rising costs. jose perez also shaves with a gillette match 3 and he says it's only good for two shaves. that can get pricey, $20 a month for a pack of 8. >> that certainly puts a dent on my pocket. i just don't get it. they were affordable and now it seems the last five years they just went up. >> reporter: leave it to jeff haying an to find yet another way to beat the blade industry. this oil extends the life of
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the blade. >> it's not the act of shaving that department of justice the razor blade, it's more about oxidation and the exposure to air which corrodes the razor blade. >> reporter: dan add diswith pacific shaving company says the blade oil made from safe and natural ingredient should be applied to the razor after each use. don't worry about oil build up. once the watter hits razor the oil flies right off. at 10 bucks a pop it is supposed to extend the life by 95% and for egan that's a small price to pay to make this 3- year supply last for six. ton consumer watch, julie watts, cbs5 helps you. some swimmers at an east bay beach are coming home with more than a sunburn. people say they have developed a rash after visiting crown beach in alameda and now scientists say they know why. microscopic parasitic flat worm carried by the bubble snail is flourishing in the water there.
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still some beach--goers say it won't keep them from cooling off. >> yeah, it wouldn't stop me, so -- unless i had a big, huge thing bur road in my arm, then i would stop. >> ooh. dozens of even hundreds of the worms can burrow into the skin, the result is a case of swimmer's itch and the effect is similar to poison okay or poison ivy. >> umm. the facts on, roberta, people cooling off out there. >> speaking of rashes, here is roberta, i appreciate that very much. beach today. santa cruz, 103 degrees, ties a record set back in 1970. notable records, 104 in santa rosa, 103 in san francisco, 96 in oakland, months sat hills 94 degrees and sfo a record-tying event of 96 trees. oui by the way, salinas at 102 degrees. looks like tomorrow morning when you wake up we'll have some areas of patchy fog, returning to the immediate sea shore, could limb visibility to a quarter of a mile.
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otherwise patchy fog mixed around the bay. high pressure is huge and it's been strengthening at the expense of the desert southwest and the eastern pacific. it caused 113 degrees today in los angeles for an all-time record high there. meanwhile, temperatures inland tomorrow, again triple digits, unhealthy ozone from the east bay into santa clara valley which makes fourth consecutive day of spare the air. pinpoint forecast coming down slightly due to the return of the marine layer. 94 sunnyvale, but 97 in san jose which could be a record- tying event. concord, walnut creek 105, danville back in through alamo and pleasanton, brentwood, tracy, discovery bay 104 again in santa rosa. these temperatures coming down a couple of degrees along the coast. that's because of of that cooler air mass on top of that marina there. take note. we do tv cooler temperatures by wednesday, seasonal highs on
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thursday through saturday. that is your hot pinpoint forecast. "eyewitness news" will continue. we'll be right back after this. >> pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini sleepworld. save up to $1,000 during our trade-in math res sale. ,, [ male announcer ] san francisco. a land of natural beauty and economic opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here, with thousands of employees, hundreds of branches and hundreds of atms. every day, we're working to help
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it seems san franc parking tickets well it's the price we pay for living in such a beautiful city. seems san francisco and parking tickets go hand in hand. tonight's good question is about the consequences, what happens when the parking authority slaps a boot on your car? on an average day how many do you install? >> anywheres between 5 to 15. >> do the owners ever come out while you're doing it? >> yes. >> everybody likes new shoes. but a boot like this? ah, not so much. this device is the low-tech way to get you to pay up on your drink went parking ticket. >> if you have 5 delinquent citations you'll get a boot. >> it only takes five but, in this town, that's not hard to find. >> we have had up to 105 tickets on one car.
11:25 pm
>> on a single vehicle. >> on a single vehicle. >> did that person come out and talk to you? >> no. >> they didn't drive away either. once the booed boot is placed on a car the registered owner has 72 hours to make good on those citations, if they don't, the vehicle is towed away. and it's not released until all the fines, the citations, the towing, and the storage charges are all paid up. occasionally somebody gets the bright idea to try to drive away with the boot on. the boot is designed to stay on until they take it off. you try to do it, these little spikes are designed to puncture your tire. the traffic control officers have up to 2 hours to take off the boot once you've paid your citations, then -- oh yeah -- it's one size fits all. i need your good questions. send them to me at well the 49er offensive coordinator got the boot today. i'm dennis o'donnell. who is now in charge of running this offense neck. ,,,,,,,,
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raye would remain in his job the following yesterday's 31-10 loss to kansas city mike singletary said that defensive coordinator jimmy raye would
11:29 pm
remain in his job the rest of the season. today he fired him. >> reporter: were you prompted at all by your superiors here to make a move. >> one thing i want you to understand. if i make a decision, it's my decision. >> reporter: ray was fired because the 49ers ranked second to last in points scored and because the team is 0-3 someone had to go. quarterback coach mike johnson takes over for ray. johnson is in his sixth year. well it's the sixth coordinator in six years t players said it was a good move. >> he is a little different than jimmy raye, he seems to be creative, seems like he is a creative guy, seems like he'll take chances, a lot of chances, and he is just, you know, he is young. >> uh-huh. >> he is sung agree. oakland >> former raider quarterback and place kicker jorge gaslight saloon data died today after a brief illness. he was an oakland legend playing until he was almost 49
11:30 pm
years old. >> here it is. snapped, spotted, kicked. it is good. jorge gaslight saloon data has just beanie elected king of the world. >> that was the great bilking. gaslight saloon data spent 26 seasons with the nfl. he was 83 years old. the last 9 came with the raiders. >> gaslight saloon data takes it, indiana wins the championship. keith smart is the hero. >> the man with the game- winning shot for indiana in the 1987 national championship game is now the warriors new head coach. keith smart has been announced as don nelson's suck sews or. >> you know that this team was not built as a don nelson team. but i identified last february there needed to be a change in this organization so that we could go forward. >> i know everything about the organization, i know everything here, i know all the faces, i know all the smiles, i know
11:31 pm
everything. i know where the bones in the back yard are buried. >> a crowd of 22,000 in san diego, supposed to be a playoff race, closed game until the cubs in the seventh doubles home alfonso soriano, chicago escapes with a 1-0 vick reover the padres, the giants now have a full game lead over san diego in the west standings. they also fall a half game behind the padres in the wildcard race. they open up a three-game set. a's rookie justin jones tied at 4 in the seventh. james forces home the go-ahead look. take another look. pretty hard to see. i do not see it. a's lose 6-5 in annaheim. the a's have a good young pitching staff, in the off- season they get some help and they will be right in it. >> they refuse to use a replay in baseball. >> there are certain instances
11:32 pm
where they actually do, that's not one of them. >> yeah, around the plate. >> yeah. we'll be right back. ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools.
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but the drop out rate increases 50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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